The Breast Care Center at United Medical Park has been serving the Cedar Valley since 2003. Dr. Douglas Duven, (retired December 2016) established the Breast Care Center as he saw the need for centralized, personalized breast care for both breast cancer patients as well as those with noncancerous conditions. He also saw the need to consistent follow-up care for breast cancer patients.

Research for the Breast Care Center began by looking at breast health needs from a woman’s perspective. An advisory board of local women met to help guide the decisions in the formation of the Breast Care Center.

Dr Jayson Gesme stepped up to take the reins of the Breast Care Center in late 2016 and since January 2018 he has dedicated 100% of his surgical practice to breast care procedures.  Our nurse practitioner, Theresa Borcherding, sees and follows patients for a variety of concerns.

We offer in-office ultrasoundultrasound guided fine needle biopsy (cytology), and ultrasound guided core biopsy (tissue). Stereotactic breast biopsy (tissue) is also offered as a scheduled procedure. Most patients can have their ultrasound guided biopsy the same day as their initial visit. We work closely with Allen Hospital Pathology Department and have cytology reports back within two business day and tissue biopsies (core & stereotactic) within three business days. Mammography is available to the Breast Care Center throughout the day. Patients urgently referred are often accommodated the same or next clinic day.

Meet our Team

Jayson Gesme
Jayson E. Gesme, MD
Theresa Borcherding, ARNP
Lindsey, RN - Manager
Amy, RN
Jessica - Font Desk
Jessica - Front Desk

Reasons to Come to the Breast Care Center

  • You have an abnormal mammogram.
  • You feel a lump or feel a change in your self breast exam.
  • You are at a high risk for breast cancer and need surveillance.
  • You experience spontaneous clear or bloody nipple discharge.
  • You want a compassionate caring team taking care of you.
  • You have skin changes of your breast and/or areola.
  • You want someone to explain breast health/cancer to you so you can understand it.
  • You want to learn how to do self breast exams and the best time to do them.
  • You want the best breast care you can receive.
  • You want a relationship with your Breast Care Team and to not feel like a number.